Progress Report: More new sidewalks on the way for Skyway neighborhood

Skyway blog photo

We thought you’d like to see the progress of Skyway’s newest sidewalks. They’re being built along Renton Avenue South and 78th Avenue South. Construction started in February and will finish in April. The existing bike lane will also get new striping.

The map below shows you exactly where the construction is taking place.Skyway Sidewalk Map

Expect some lane closures. For one block on 78th Avenue South, the contractor may limit travel to northbound traffic only. Riders of Metro Route 106 who use the bus stop near Skyway Park Bowl will use a temporary stop 300 feet farther north (toward 68th Avenue South).

Skyway blog photo 2

This construction is the second part of a two-phase project to improve road safety. The first phase of new sidewalks was completed in 2013 and included a new “Welcome to Skyway” sign.

Click HERE to learn more about the project.

2 thoughts on “Progress Report: More new sidewalks on the way for Skyway neighborhood

    • Thank you for your question as to why a protected bike lane was not constructed as part of the Renton Ave. S. project. At this location, the county only has 30-feet of right-of-way, which is an easement where a road and its associated features such as curb, gutter and sidewalk can be placed. Given the width of the road, sidewalk, curb and gutter, a 30-foot right-of-way is too narrow to allow us to include additional protected bike lanes. The county does not have funds available to acquire additional right-of-way from adjacent property owners. Still, being able to provide multimodal transportation options is important to us and we will absolutely keep your suggestion mind for future projects where geography and funding allow us to do so.

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