Update: Speed Limit Reduction Planned for Stretch of Vashon Highway SW

Editor’s Note – September 9, 2016: We’ve updated this post to let you know we’ve extended the deadline for public comment to Friday, September 23.

King County is planning to reduce the speed limit on a two-mile segment of Vashon Highway SW in the near future. After receiving public comments about unsafe speeding on Vashon Highway SW and requests to reduce the area’s speed limit, the County decided to conduct a speed limit evaluation to analyze the issue.

Vashon Speed map_web

Based on the findings of the evaluation, the County concluded that a speed limit reduction is justified from 50 to 45 mph. The speed limit reduction will apply to Vashon Highway SW between Burma Road SW and 1300 feet north of SW 156th Street. The speed reduction is expected to take place later this summer after an additional review of public feedback.

Letters are being sent to residents who live on nearby roads that may be affected by the speed limit change. If you have questions or comments, please contact Community Relations Planner DeAnna Martin at 206-477-3835 or deanna.martin@kingcounty.gov or send a letter to:

DeAnna Martin
King County Dept. of Transportation
201 South Jackson Street
MS: KSC-TR-0824
Seattle, WA 98104-3856

Comments are being accepted through Friday, September 23.

For more information about King County Road Services, visit our website here.

17 thoughts on “Update: Speed Limit Reduction Planned for Stretch of Vashon Highway SW

  1. That’s B.S. Drivers texting, talking and just plain Lilly gagging is the problem. Raise the speed limit to 65!!!

  2. Glad to see this in review but would recommend it extend further south on Vashon Hwy all the way to the Vashon Parks fields and Harbor School where it really should be reduced further to 35 mph. Too many children near that stretch of the highway for people driving at 40-60 mph just to make the ferry boat!

  3. You guys are nuts… its not worth the cost.

    I have lived here 47 years and with no problems,except new people with their old ideas from wherever they come.

    How about something worthwhile like a roundabout at 188th

    • Hi Chris, We appreciate your feedback. We’ll share your feedback about the speed limit with the DOT team, along with your suggestion about 188th.

  4. I don’t see a need for reducing the speed limit. with the wide shoulders and clear vision on the straight stretches, reducing the speed doesn’t make sense. We are allowed to go 45 on Wax Orchard and that road barely has a shoulder…….

  5. If people don’t adhere to 50mph limit, why will they adhere to 45? The problem isn’t the speed limit, it’s people tail gating and passing as they rush to the ferry. Make the entire highway a no passing zone (double line) and this will make the road safer. And put a patrol there to enforce the rules.

    • Hello Bob, thank you for sharing your concerns and suggestions. We will forward this to our DOT team that’s reviewing community feedback.
      Thank you again.

      • Amazing how many people pass on the double yellow lines. Maybe some reminder signs what that means

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  6. Double yellow lines increased and marked no passing could be a grand idea. But need to be posted.
    And question… Is it legal to turn left into Thriftway parking lot heading south from main hwy??? What about left out of the lot???? Bad traffic plug and dangerous… Posted years ago “right turn only” out of lot … Very dangerous when bus is there. Needs clarification and better signage

    • Hi Bettie, Thank you again for the feedback. We’ll send it to our DOT team. We’ll also check on your question about turning left and get right back to you.

  7. King County is a joke. Changing the speed limit to 45 mph will do nothing to make the community safer. The people who are complaining should stop driving if they can’t drive 50 safely.

  8. This is rediculous. 50mph is absolutely a safe and reasonable speed and there is no valid reason to lower it. In fact, out of everyone I’ve talked to, no one has said they thought 50 was unsafe or unreasonable, they simply complain about speeding(totally different issue than a lower speed limit).

    Has there ever been an incident on that road that was unavoidable at 50mph but would have been avoidable had the driver been traveling at 45mph instead?

    Also, I think King County should do a better job of letting people know of this change. This has not been in the Beachcomber and I believe the vast majority of residents don’t know it’s coming, but I can guarantee it will stir up problems if this actually changes. This reminds me of when you cut rumble strips into the roads with inadequate public notice. That being said, I will definitely bookmark this website and check for stuff like this coming up in the future.

    King County says they sent letters to people who live on the road. I think that’s wrong in this case. This is a main road and is used by everyone on the island. Residents on the road should not have any more of a voice than anyone else in this case. The road was 50mph and the main path to the ferry long before they moved there.

    Everyone pays taxes for that road and it belongs to everyone. The majority of people who use that road do not live on it. This is not a neighborhood culdesack, where it would make perfect sense to give priority to the opinions of those who live on the road.

    In a nutshell, 50mph is very safe and reasonable for that stretch of road and I am 100% opposed to lower the speed limit in this area.

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