Stay Informed by subscribing to King County Road Alerts

roadalertzones061114King County Road Services (Roads) offers an email and text alert service for travelers on roads in unincorporated King County. It’s a timely and informative way to stay up to date on road construction projects and significant weather-related road closures in unincorporated King County.

Roads maintains about 1,500 miles of roads and 181 bridges in unincorporated King County. This system supports more than one million trips each day including people traveling to work, school, and recreation; businesses and farmers delivering goods and services; and police and fire crews responding to emergencies. About half the trips on the high-volume roads originate not only in cities, but in other counties. In other words, roads and bridges in unincorporated King County keep communities connected.

Directions for subscribing to Road Alerts: Signing up is fast and easy. Once you click on the link to sign up, simply follow the instructions to choose your subscription preference: Email or SMS/Text Message. You will then be taken to a list of alert and newsletter options. Scroll down to “Road Alerts By Region” and select the specific regions you’re interested in. If you select “Road Alerts – All Unincorporated King County” you will receive Road Alerts for all six regions including: North, Northeast, South, Southeast, Southwest and Vashon. Click HERE to visit the Road Alert webpage and to sign up.

Please note that short-term road closures related to traffic collisions or downed powerlines are not reported via Road Alerts or the My Commute webpage as those closures are managed by outside agencies. Consider following the Roads Twitter page (@kcroads) for additional road information, photos and videos. Also visit the My Commute webpage for maps of lane restrictions and closures, schedules for current and upcoming road projects, traffic cameras and more. The Roads website also provides information about projects, programs and services.