Gearing up for Snow and Ice


Replacement plow attachments for snow and ice management.

As part of the County’s routine scheduled equipment replacement plan, Roads has received important replacement attachments for snow and ice management this fall. The new attachments include 11 sanders, seven sanders with prewetters and 16 plows. These attachments will replace older ones – some that date back to the 1980s. During a snow and ice event, plows and sanders are attached to Roads’ existing inventory of trucks to perform anti-icing, sanding and snow plowing work along county identified snow routes.

The new, more modern plows have ceramic embedded into rubber scraper blades. The ceramic makes the blades more durable and the rubber is both abrasion resistant and has a higher resistance to chemicals, sunlight and adverse weather conditions.


Replacement sander attachments.

The prewetter attachment sprays the sand and salt with anti-ice material prior to applying it to the road surface. This allows the wet salt and sand to cling to the road instead of bouncing off or being swept away by traffic, which saves money and minimizes environmental impacts.

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