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On February 16, 2017 a slide occurred along NE 124th Street near Highway 203. The roadway is located south of Duvall and is a sole access road for approximately 100 residences. The slide is about 100 feet in length and is on the valley or downhill side of the road. About half of the road is undermined. A large section has completely failed. Road crews have diverted water to help reduce the risk of losing the road, but there is still potential for road failure if the area continues to receive rain, as the ground could become supersaturated and have additional washouts or failures. For updates on this slide and road access, please visit: NE 124th Street Slide Information webpage.

Photo on the left: 3pm on Feb. 16, 2017. Photo on right: 11pm the same day.

Update: March 7
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Engineers have evaluated the samples collected from the February 25th and 26th geotechnical drilling that took place along NE 124th Street. Design plans are being finalized and we expect to know more on March 8th. We will post an update when we receive the information. Below are photos of the geotechnical drilling.

Geotechnical team drilling samples along NE 124th Street. February 25, 2017.

Core drilling bits by the geotechnical drilling machine along NE 124th Street. February 25, 2017.

Update: February 21
Beginning Wednesday, February 22, full road closures will take place on NE 124th Street east of Highway 203 and near Duvall for emergency drainage repair work. From February 22-24, expect up to 30 minute delays from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The closures involve adding additional temporary drainage repairs on the hill side of the road. On Saturday, February 25, expect up to 60 minute delays from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. On that day, engineers will conduct geotechnical drilling to determine next steps for permanent repairs.

Temporary repairs in place along NE 124th Street. February 20, 2017.

Update: February 17
Crews are closely monitoring NE 124th Street and assessing the damage. The roadway is restricted to one lane with resident access only, but it could close unexpectedly. The county is coordinating with emergency responders. Red Cross and other support services are available should they be needed.

For updates on this slide and road access, please visit:
NE 124th Street Slide Information webpage.
My Commute page which provides road closure updates and maps.
•The public can also call the 24/7 Road Helpline for updates and to report road maintenance and traffic safety issues in unincorporated King County — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 206-477-8100 or 1-800-527-6237 (1-800-KC-ROADS).