No better time than spring for King County Adopt-A-Road Program

Adopt-a-Road April 2017

Spring is here, which in King County means lush greenery, bright flowers and blue skies. Springtime is also a great time to discover (or re-discover, in some cases) the King County Adopt-A-Road Program.

The program itself is no spring chicken. The litter-reduction campaign designed to remove litter debris off county roads began in 1991. Here’s a breakdown of what it has accomplished since then:
•More than 500 volunteer groups have cleaned hundreds of miles of roadway, keeping thousands of bags of litter off county roads.
•In 2015, more than 1,500 volunteers spent 4,300 hours collecting more than 2,800 bags of litter from unincorporated King County roads.
•Roads in King County carry more than one million trips per day, and Adopt-A-Road volunteers help to keep King County communities connected by keeping our roads clean and litter free.

Research has shown people are more likely to litter in areas where litter has already accumulated. Keeping our roadways free from litter helps to discourage drivers from littering clean areas.

You can help make King County a better and cleaner place to live! Adopt-A-Road groups commit to clean a section of roadway twice a year for two years. As a volunteer, you will receive guidance and support for successful cleanups, a safety orientation, safety equipment for use during cleanup events, two Adopt-A-Road recognition signs along your assigned route, the opportunity to positively impact the community and (of course) recognition for a job well done!

There are many roads in unincorporated King County that are available for adoption. Encourage your family, neighbors, friends, and co-workers to partner with King County Road Services to remove litter debris from county roads and improve the quality of the environment.

For more information on available routes, program guidelines, and how to apply, please visit