Preparing for Winter Weather

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Hand signals such as a closed fist in the air are used to communicate with the truck driver as the crew works to attach a snow plow to the truck.

It may only be early fall, but King County Roads knows that winter is coming. Every year county road crews prepare for the heavy rain, wind, and snow and ice that our region experiences. Preparations for snow and ice begin by determining the routes that will be plowed during a weather event. Routes are selected in partnership with nearby local jurisdictions, King County Metro, school districts and emergency services providers. The final routes are mapped and available on the Snow and Ice webpage. The county’s resources to plow and sand roads have been significantly reduced since the region’s last major snow storm in 2010. The county has resources to plow 15 percent of the county’s 1,500 miles of roads.

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Crews make sure chainsaws are sharp, filled with fuel, and ready to be used when needed.

Road maintenance field offices around the county are stock piling materials including anti-icer, sand and salt. They check equipment like chainsaws for cutting downed trees and tree limbs are gassed up, sharpened and ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

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Crews attaching sander boxes to dump trucks. They also perform equipment inspection.

Crews who will be working to plow snow from unincorporated roadways prepare for inclement weather events by hooking up snow plows and sander boxes to trucks. This allows them to inspect the equipment, to review safety procedures and to ensure that everyone involved in performing the dangerous winter work is ready to help keep key transportation routes open for the public during inclement weather.

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Crews attaching snow plows to trucks.

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