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Public comment period ended December 8 for proposed speed limit reductions on NE Novelty Hill Road and SE May Valley Road

In response to citizen concerns, King County is considering changing the speed limit on the following three roads in King County:

• NE Novelty Hill Road from the trail crossing, which is located one-half of a mile west of Trilogy Parkway, to Eastridge Drive NE
Current speed limit: 45 mph
Proposed speed limit: 40 mph

• NE Novelty Hill Road from Eastridge Drive NE to West Snoqualmie Valley Road
Current speed limit: 45 mph
Proposed speed limit: 30 mph for trucks, 35 mph for all other vehicles

• SE May Valley Road from SE 128th Way to Issaquah Hobart Road SE
Current speed limit: 40 mph
Proposed speed limit: 35 mph

King County recently conducted speed studies for each of the above roadways. The studies included review of current travel speeds, average daily traffic volumes, stopping and entering sight distance, historical collision data, number of intersecting roads and streets, horizontal and vertical alignment, parking activity, pedestrian/bicycle activity, and lane/shoulder widths. The study process evaluated these factors to determine if modifying the speed limit would be appropriate.

King County is requesting public input on the proposed speed limit reductions. Please submit comments and feedback by Friday, December 8, 2017 via email to: Brent Champaco, Community Relations Planner,

The Road Services Division will evaluate public comments and submit a formal recommendation to the King County Council, which will consider and take action on the recommendation. This process can take up to a year. For more information, please visit the Proposed Speed Limit Reductions webpage.