Roads crews prep for winter weather

For the King County Road Services Division, known as Roads, it’s never too early to begin prepping for snow, ice and other wintery weather. Recently, planning work began with partner jurisdictions, King County Metro, school districts and emergency service providers to determine which routes will be plowed during a major weather event. The priority routes are now mapped and available on the Roads Snow and Ice webpage.

How do Roads crews prepare?

Crews who will be working to plow snow from unincorporated roadways prepare for inclement weather events by hooking up snow plows and sander boxes to trucks.


King County Roads staff put chains on a road grader. Road graders are one type of equipment that can be used to remove snow from the surface of the roadway.

This allows them to inspect the equipment, to review safety procedures and to ensure that everyone involved in performing the winter work is ready to help keep key transportation routes open for the public during inclement weather. During events, crews may work rotating shifts to ensure the county is available to sand and plow the mapped snow routes.

Winter Prep Blog Article photo

King County Roads staff preparing their snow plowing equipment.

Why does King County plow only some of its roads during snow events?

The county’s resources to plow and sand roads have been significantly reduced since the region’s last major snow storm in 2010. The county has resources to plow approximately 15 percent of the 1,500 miles of roadway that we maintain.

Where can I report a road issue?

Call the 24/7 Roads Helpline to report road traffic safety issues in unincorporated King County, such as downed stop signs and malfunctioning signals. The 24/7 Roads Helpline: 206-477-8100 or 1-800-527-6237 (1-800-KC-ROADS)

Where can I get more information about Road closures and restrictions?

•Visit the King County Roads Snow and Ice webpage

•The King County Roads My Commute webpage is a resource for monitoring the status of road closures and restrictions

•Sign-up for Road Alert emails and text messages about unincorporated King County road construction projects, significant weather-related road closures and natural disasters

•Follow Roads on Twitter and Facebook